Restructuring the corporate governance systems

Restructuring the corporate governance systems

Restructuring the corporate governance systems is the process of changing the way the firm is organized, managed, and controlled to improve its performance, competitiveness, and resilience. This process aims to align the firm’s governance framework with industry best practices while addressing any existing inefficiencies or gaps in its current system.

We are providing the following professional services:

  • Governance Assessment: Conducting comprehensive assessments of an organization’s existing governance practices and structures to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This involves analyzing board composition, decision-making processes, risk management protocols, and compliance frameworks.
  • Policy Development: Assisting in the development and implementation of robust corporate governance policies tailored to meet industry-specific requirements and best practices. This includes drafting codes of conduct, ethics policies, board charters, committee mandates, and other relevant documentation.
  • Board Evaluation: Conducting independent evaluations of board effectiveness through rigorous assessments that encompass individual director performance evaluations as well as overall board dynamics. These evaluations help identify gaps in skills or knowledge among directors while providing recommendations for enhancing board performance.
  • Risk Management Frameworks: Collaborating with organizations to design comprehensive risk management frameworks aligned with their strategic objectives and regulatory obligations. This involves identifying potential risks across various business functions and developing mitigation strategies to ensure effective risk oversight at both operational and strategic levels.
  • Compliance Support: Assisting organizations in understanding complex regulatory requirements by providing guidance on compliance obligations related to corporate governance matters such as disclosure requirements, shareholder rights protection mechanisms, executive compensation guidelines, etc.
  • Training Programs: Delivering customized training programs for directors and senior executives on corporate governance principles and best practices tailored specifically to their organization’s needs. These programs aim to enhance participants’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities while fostering a culture of good governance throughout the organization.
  • Board Succession Planning: Supporting organizations in developing robust succession plans for key leadership positions within the boardroom by identifying potential candidates based on desired skill sets or diversity criteria goals while considering long-term strategy.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Assisting organizations in establishing effective communication channels with stakeholders, including shareholders, regulators, and the wider community. This involves developing strategies to enhance transparency and accountability while managing stakeholder expectations.

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Restructuring the corporate governance systems is a work that requires high expertise and a lot of practical experience. We own a strong team with good skills and much experienced experts in performing this service. AFA Accounting is a leading provider of corporate governance services with high-quality in Vietnam.

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