Transfer pricing services

Transfer pricing services

Transfer pricing services are a specialized offering provided to assist multinational companies in managing their intercompany transactions. These services aim to ensure that the prices charged for goods, services, or intellectual property transferred between related entities within the organization are set at arm’s length and comply with relevant tax regulations

Transfer pricing services can include:

  • Transfer Pricing Documentation: The service prepares comprehensive transfer pricing documentation, including master files and local files, which outline the global business operations, intercompany transactions, and the selection of appropriate transfer pricing methods.


  • Transfer Pricing Planning: The service analyzes value chain, business model, and industry dynamics to identify opportunities for optimizing profits while minimizing tax risks within legal boundaries.


  • Intercompany Agreements: The service assists in drafting or reviewing intercompany agreements to ensure they accurately reflect the terms and conditions of related-party transactions.


  • Benchmarking Studies: The service performs detailed economic analyses using reliable databases to identify comparable companies or transactions as a basis for establishing appropriate transfer prices.


  • Advance Pricing Agreements: In collaboration with tax authorities worldwide, the service provider assistsin negotiating a proactive approach to minimize future disputes regarding transfer pricing arrangements.


  • Transfer Pricing Compliance Reviews: The service provides regular reviews to assess compliance with transfer pricing regulations across jurisdictions, analyzing financial data, intercompany agreements, and other relevant documentation to identify potential risks or areas of improvement.


  • Dispute Resolution: The service assists in preparing responses to tax authorities’ inquiries, conducting economic analyses to substantiate positions taken, and representing during the inspection, negotiations or litigation processes.


  • Transfer Pricing Training: The service provider offers training programs and workshops to enhance the understanding of transfer pricing concepts within client organization.



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