Creating financial products

Creating financial products

Creating financial products is a service involves the development and design of innovative solutions that cater to the specific financial needs and goals of clients. Used a professional approach, expertise in finance, taxation, and regulatory compliance to craft tailored financial products that have monetary value and can be used for investment, saving, borrowing, or hedging purposes.

Here are some services that we can provide:

  • Collect information: This involves collecting data related to business activities such as income, expenses, and other revenue/expenditure items collected from the company’s accounting system. .
  • Transaction processing: Transactions are processed to classify into specific revenue/expenditure accounts such as revenue from sales, production costs, main action costs…
  • Standardization of data: Data from transactions are standardized to ensure consistency and clarity in comparison and analysis.
  • Synthesis and analysis: This involves synthesizing to create financial reports: business results report (Income Statement), asset and liability status report (Balance Sheet). accounting) and cash flow statement (Cash flow statement).
  • Report cleaning: The data in these reports are cleaned to remove elements that are not relevant or have not passed audit.
  • Data Analysis: The data in the report is analyzed to provide a definition of the company’s performance, profitability and other financial aspects.
  • Preparation for inspection: This involves standard work records and documents for the inspection process if requested by relevant organizations.

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