Merger & Acquisition services

Merger & Acquisition services

Merger & Acquisition services offered by accounting service firms play a crucial role in facilitating strategic business transactions. These services are designed to assist companies in navigating the complex landscape of mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate restructuring activities.

We can provide a range of M&A services, such as:


  • M&A strategy: This service helps clients define their strategic objectives, identify potential targets or buyers, evaluate synergies and risks, and develop a deal roadmap.


  • Valuation and modeling: This service helps clients estimate the fair value of a target or a business unit, perform financial analysis and projections, and assess the impact of different deal scenarios.


  • Due diligence: This service helps clients verify the financial, operational, legal, tax, and regulatory aspects of a target or a seller, identify potential issues or opportunities, and prepare for closing and integration.


  • Post-merger integration and divestiture: This service helps clients manage the complex process of combining or separating businesses, aligning organizational structures and cultures, optimizing processes and systems, and realizing value creation.


  • Turnaround and restructuring: This service helps clients deal with financial distress, operational challenges, or strategic shifts, by developing and implementing solutions to improve liquidity, profitability, and competitiveness


Let us do our good services

Merger & Acquisition services is a work that requires high expertise and a lot of practical experience. We own a strong team with good skills and much experienced experts in performing this service. SCS Global is a leading provider of M&A services with high-quality in Vietnam.


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