Mobilized capital and IPO services

Mobilized capital and IPO services

Mobilized capital and IPO services are services that help the clients access and raise capital from the financial markets, such as through initial public offerings (IPOs), equity offerings, debt offerings, or mergers and acquisitions.

Some of the mobilized capital and IPO services that we can provide:

  • Advising on the optimal capital structure and financing strategy: This service involves analyzing the financial situation, objectives, and capital needs of the client organizations, and recommending the best mix of debt and equity, as well as the most suitable sources and instruments of financing.
  • Capital raising: This service involves assisting companies in accessing external sources of funding such as equity financing (issuing shares) or debt financing (issuing bonds or obtaining loans).
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO): Mobilized capital services related to an IPO may include conducting due diligence, preparing financial statements, coordinating with regulatory bodies, managing investor relations, and structuring the offering.
  • Valuation analysis: Provide valuation services that involve assessing the fair value of assets, businesses, intellectual property rights, or intangible assets.
  • Financial advisory: This services is to assist clients in making informed decisions regarding their capital structure optimization strategies, risk management practices, investment opportunities evaluation, and overall financial planning.
  • Managing the regulatory and compliance requirements: This service involves ensuring that our client complies with the relevant standards and regulations in the financial industry, such as the securities laws, accounting standards, auditing standards, tax laws, etc.
  • Supporting the post-transaction activities: This service involves helping our clients with the post-transaction activities, such as investor relations, financial reporting, governance, risk management, etc.

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Mobilizing capital is a practical need of any economic organization in the process of operating its business. Understanding and promoting the role of the financial market helps businesses “walk on two legs” to carry out their operations and archieve its strategic goals. SCS Global is a leading provider of mobilized capital and IPO services with high-quality in Vietnam.


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