Recruitment and training services

Recruitment and training services

Recruitment and training services of a recruitment company are the services that involve finding, hiring, and developing qualified candidates for various positions in a client organization. We provide recruitment and staffing solutions to other businesses that need to hire employees. We specialize in many different industries and fields, especially in areas related to economics, finance, accounting, auditing and banking.

Some of the common recruitment and training services that we can offer are:

  • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO): This involves taking over the entire or part of the recruitment process for a client organization, such as sourcing, screening, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding candidates. RPO can help clients save time and resources, improve the quality and fit of candidates, and enhance their employer brand.
  • Accounting, fiancial, auditor staffing solutions: This involves providing temporary or permanent staff for accountant, financial advisor, auditor (internal or external) roles, such as Chief Accountant, Head of Finance, Head of Internal Audit, accounting, finance and auditing specialist, etc. These staffing solutions can help clients fill their talent gaps, meet their project deadlines, and reduce their hiring risks.
  • Permanent recruitment: This involves finding and hiring candidates for long-term or permanent positions in a client organization. Permanent recruitment can help clients attract and retain the best talent for their core functions and strategic goals.
  • Career management and transition: This involves helping candidates who are looking for a new job or career change by providing guidance, support, and coaching. Career management and transition can help candidates improve their skills, explore their options, and achieve their career aspirations.
  • Leadership training and development: This involves providing learning and development opportunities to managers and leaders in a client organization to help them improve their skills, performance, and well-being. Leadership training and development can help managers and leaders enhance their communication, motivation, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities

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We have recruited and trained many organizations and individuals to meet human resource needs, improve and enhance human resource capacity, thereby optimizing operational efficiency. AFA Accounting is a leading provider of professional recruitment and training services with high-quality in Vietnam.


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