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Recruiting information services are the services that involve posting job advertisements on various platforms to attract and reach potential candidates for a client organization. We provide recruitment and staffing solutions to other businesses that need to hire employees. We specialize in many different industries and fields, especially in areas related to economics, finance, accounting, auditing and banking.


Some of the common platforms that we can use to post jobs are:

  • Job boards: These are websites that allow employers to post their job openings and allow job seekers to search and apply for them.
  • Social media: These are online platforms that allow users to create and share content, as well as connect and interact with others.
  • Professional networks: These are online platforms that allow users to create and maintain professional profiles, as well as network and communicate with other professionals. Some examples of professional networks are LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.
  • Employer websites: These are websites that belong to the client organization and showcase their brand, culture, values, and opportunities. For organizations with websites with good interaction, we can support promoting communication to increase recruitment efficiency.

We can use one or more of these platforms to post jobs, depending on the client’s needs, budget, and preferences. The benefits of using a recruiting company to post jobs are:

  • Saving time and resources: We can handle the entire process of creating, posting, and managing job ads, as well as screening and filtering applications, saving the client time and resources that they can use for other core activities.
  • Reaching a wider and more diverse pool of candidates: We can leverage its network and expertise to post jobs on multiple platforms and channels, increasing the visibility and exposure of the job ads, and attracting more qualified and diverse candidates.
  • Improving the quality and fit of candidates: We can use its knowledge and experience to craft effective and appealing job ads that highlight the requirements, benefits, and expectations of the role, as well as use various tools and techniques to assess and match candidates with the client’s needs and culture.

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