Coaching services are services that involve providing guidance, support, and feedback to individuals or groups who want to improve their skills, performance, or qualifications. Our coaching services can be offered by professionals who have expertise and experience in a specific field, such as business, finance, auditing and risk management, etc. Coaching services can help clients achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and develop their potential.

Some of the common types of our coaching services are:

  • Business coaching: This involves helping clients with various aspects of running or growing a business, such as strategy, leadership, marketing, finance, etc. Business coaching can help clients increase their revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Career coaching: This involves helping clients with various aspects of finding or changing a job or career, such as resume writing, interview preparation, negotiation skills, career assessment, etc. Career coaching can help clients land their dream job, advance their career, or transition to a new field.
  • Coaching for performance: This involves helping the client’s personnel with the knowledge and skills to meet a specific position or job role in an organization or support the personnel of the organization to meet the requirements of a higher job position. Coaching for performance is often suitable for organizations building a new functional department with high professional requirements that the organization does not have the ability to control itself.

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We have helped many organizations and individuals to improve and enhance human resource capacity and operational efficiency. AFA Accounting is the leading provider of coaching services with high-quality in Vietnam.


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